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Here you can find the recipes that inspired our skinfood & skindrinks - Some are our own artistic creations and some are our version of that which we have seen & tasted. They all have their own unique personality and adventure... And for anyone who chooses to recreate these, it was always our intention that this would complete the sensory vision we have in mind;

  • You see the food or drink which conjures the smell & taste in the mind

  • You experience our skinfood & skindrinks... recreating that same scent or imagining the scent as a taste

  • Finally you make the food item - The silkiness of the cheesecake as the fork slides through, relating it to the silkiness of the oil gliding over the skin. The taste of vanilla and raspberry colliding and swirling in the mouth reminding you of the delicious scent of our facial oil

Enjoy the experience!

Cacao Truffle

Decadent Chocolate Truffles

Sweetie Pie

Sweet Vanilla Raspberry Cheesecake

Hibiscus Joy

Tangy Hibiscus Herbal Tea

Green Smoothie

Refreshing Green Smoothie