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In late 2016, the concept of Hallistic began over a cup of coffee and a piece of vegan lemon cream pie amongst close family. Becky had just started experimenting with DIY natural, plant-based skincare recipes. She found it difficult to find skincare products on the market that were clean and free of harsh, synthetic ingredients… so she decided to take matters into her own hands and give it a try.

She first experimented with a citrus scented roll on oil perfume and pink Himalayan salt & tea tree oil body scrub – given to her mother as gifts which she just loved and encouraged her to pursue this as a profession… and just like that, Hallistic was born. Josh, her incredibly knowledgeable husband who grew up around herbs and handmade ointments himself, encouraged Becky to enroll in the Organic Skincare Formulation Diploma course offered by the accredited online skincare school Formula Botanica.. and she did just that. Becky spent the next two years studying and experimenting with beautiful botanical ingredients and formulations. She found herself absolutely falling in love with the creative process of making creams, balms, oils and scrubs.

Becky graduated from Formula Botanica and collaborated closely with her business partner, and loving husband:) Josh on finalizing an organic, vegan facial care collection to share with the world. This collection would reflect their love and appreciation for yummy plant-based food and give their customers a gourmet sensory experience!


Our mission is to provide clean, gourmet skincare products made only with ingredients from nature that are organic, vegan and cruelty-free while giving back to organizations that are doing their part to create a better future for humans, animals and our planet. We strive to choose the best packaging available that is compostable and recyclable to reduce our wastage footprint.


Becky & Josh Hall